Downtown Anaheim 5k Run

May 19, 2017

Anaheim is a great city offering so many exciting adventures and opportunities to explore the city. One great way that the city can be enjoyed is by participating in the Downtown Anaheim 5K run 2017. Whether you are a seasoned 5k runner or this is your first time, all are welcome to come out bright and early and start the day right! If you have friends and family that also want to participate, they are welcome as well! Mark your calendars for June 10th and participate in this  years Downtown Anaheim 5K run!

This race is one of the most popular 5K runs in Anaheim. In fact, you’ll be running with nearly 1,000 other people in the Anaheim area. The course will begin right at the corner of Anaheim Blvd and Oak St. Then you’ll travel through the streets of Anaheim until you finish at the Center Street Promenade located at Clementine Street. Whether you want to run, jog or even walk the length of the 5k course, you are welcome to do so. If you feel like strolling down the course, just be sure that you start towards the back of the pack! If you have kids that want to be part of the fun, consider signing them up for the 1K fun run! After the run, enjoy the live music and celebrate a job well done.

Proceeds from the Downtown Anaheim 5k Run will go to Caterina’s Club, an organization that aims to provide food for the kids of America. Mama Caterina and her son visited the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim that was located right down the street from her son’s restaurant, Anaheim White House. They realized that many of these children were hungry so they began making enough basta for over 70 children, 5 nights a week. Today, the organization feeds nearly 1,200 children 5 nights a week. To learn more about the 5k or to register for the event, visit

Need to get a little exercise in? Start training for the Downtown Anaheim 5k Run. This is the perfect opportunity to break in those shoes and get this show on the road!
Anaheim, CA